Estonian design in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Exhibition “Introduction to Estonian Design” was opened last December at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. The exhibition goes through the Estonian design development and progress from the beginning of last century until today. We also took a visit to find out which works and creations have been the most influential and important further more being a guide to our general design culture.

The design term is actually relatively new in Estonia. In the 20th century the use of the term design was completely forbidden in Estonia as being too Western. At that time, we had industrial art, and the work of industrial artists was influenced and clearly reflected of the political situation and attitude of that time. Design as a term began to spread in Estonia in the 1980s.
In sense of a good product design it is important that the product lasts, is user-friendly and natural. Of course aesthetics and pleasant form are no less important. Everyone of us responds to the visual so it is important that what surrounds us is conspicuous but at the same time unnoticeable. Where this balance lies between being conspicuous and unnoticed, you can discover and decipher by visiting the exhibition by yourself.



Among the many examples, the products designed to our collection are also represented in the exhibition. From the public design section our park bench Klaar Wood. Park bench Klaar Wood is quite common in Tallinn city and can be found quite often in the cityscape. Not only, Helsinki city has also found Klaar being a great fit in the public space.

Klaar Wood has been the preferred choice due to its specific and clean design, which always has an aesthetic effect.

Klaar Wood park bench and the entire Klaar Wood family with tables, chairs and different benches has been designed by Martin Pärn, a designer at iseasi design bureou and a lecturer.






Urban space litter bin Nove. Sensitive and elegant design line characterizes litter bin Nove. Despite its eleganze Nove is designed to be strong and durable. Strength and durability are one of several essential characteristics in public spaces.

Nove is designed by Sven Sõrmus









Bicycle rack Vee represents simplicity and functionality. The two loops protruding from the ground create a unique and striking image in the urban space. Bicycle rack Vee fits easily in different environments with its simplicity. Morefor elastomeric cover is used on the loops to protect your bicycle from scratches.

Vee is designed by Pent Talvet