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Klaar Steel Bench

Rationality, neutrality and the precise aesthetic finishing of parts that characterize Klaar are qualities that never go out of date nor submit to the rapidly changing vogues. The clarity and lightness of its shape and the wide selection of materials make Klaar suitable for using in very different modern architectural contexts, offering solutions that meet different requirements. The line includes both park benches for three where it is good to sit and rest one’s back, gaze at the sea or just retreat of the noise of the city and single chairs that offer a moment of rest and a chance to be alone in the noise of a city square. All benches have versions both with and without arm rests. Klaar Steel

Klaar Steel bench measurements
Product Product code A B C D E F
Klaar Steel bench KLS190 1900 860 600 475 205 480
Klaar Steel bench KLS60 600 860 600 475 205 480
Materials and finishing
Elastomere surface RAL 9010 RAL 9010
  RAL 7039   RAL 6011   RAL 7016

  • Freestanding on a firm base
  • Anchored to the pavement
  • Anchored to the substructure laid into the ground