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Vandal 75

Material: Frame of the waste bin- hot-dip galvanized and powder coated tube. Container- galvanized and powder coated sheet metal. The waste bin opens by tilting it forward, which makes it easy to empty. No separate key is required for opening the bin as an additional frame acts as a latch to close the container and fix it in place.

The top above the waste opening prevents rain/snowfall from entering the bin and also keeps the birds from carrying out the waste. There are stainless steel details for putting out cigarettes and a separate compartment for the cigarette stubs, which can be emptied with a small flick of hand. The waste opening at a height of 870 mm from the ground is optimal for users of all ages. The height of the bottom of the bin with its 195 mm is sufficient for easy handling and emptying also in the winter with a fair amount of snow.


Vandal 75

Waste bin Vandal 75 measurements
ProductProduct codeABCD
Vandal 75VAN753901000365130


Materials and finishing
RAL 6005RAL 6005RAL 7039RAL 7039RAL 9007RAL 9007RAL 7016RAL 7016