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Angled surfaces and constructional contrasts give Nove a modern and dynamic look. Design, that is both consistent in detail and refined, affects unpretentious despite the bold form and is suitable for different environments. The distinct angled top keeps the rain from pooring inside and prevents people from leaving waste on top of the bin. The front-opening door makes the emptying very practical and also the ashtray can be emptied with a flick of hand.   Nove

Waste bin Nove measurements
Product Product code A B C D Concrete base Substructure
NOVE NOV100 550 1070 290 840 - +
NOVE NOVC100 550 1070 290 840 + optional
Materials and finishing
  RAL 7016    RAL 7016    RAL 7016    RAL 7016 - Frame
 RAL 9005 RAL 9005  RAL 9007 RAL 9007  RAL 6034 RAL 6034  RAL 8017 RAL 8017 - Body

  • Freestanding on a firm base
  • Anchored to the pavement
  • Anchored to the substructure laid into the ground