Extery Designers

Pent Talvet
Designed seria:

As long as I remember myself, I remember the drive to invent, reshape, improve physical items around me.

I don’t like the conception that new designs must be novel, intriguing, innovative at all costs. Quite the opposite makes sense to me: ideally the new is so self-evident and irreplaceable as if it had existed forever. Easier said than done, this is the ideal I’d like to achieve in my designs.

I happily let myself to be guided by materials, nature and client’s wishes: when the design is born to the perfect balancing point of these factors, it’s needless to add much deliberatly. In a way, there can be great freedom in restrictions. 

Kaspar Torn
Designed seria:

Looking at beautiful and less beautiful pictures helps for me to find inspiration. I also use a lot of manual activities in the form of drawing and cardboard folding to create ideas. Getting a feel formed on a paper and getting it into space will help me develop it consistently. In addition, my great source of inspiration for creating design is also making music, which works same efficiently in the opposite synergy, where design provides inspiration for making music.

Tarmo Luisk
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Martin Pärn
Designed seria:

Designer and lecturer. As a designer, he seeks new boundaries in the everyday hidden charm, as a teacher seaks the new borders of design influence. And there is what to shift.

In addition a husband, father, home cook and amateur health athlete. Fun and laughing or quiet and serious.

Sven Sõrmus
Designed seria:
Kersti Lootus
Designed seria:

By education, I am an architect, and often, due to the specific project, I also have to deal with the development of suitable small forms. For me, there comes an architectural vision of product design that fits into the whole solution.
I gather inspiration while traveling and doing specific work on site. The identity of a place is one whose inspiration provides inspiration, with what techniques to highlight it and make it more visible to others.

I firmly believe that Estonian design production has to be used as much as possible in Estonia in order to strengthen Estonia’s identity.