Extery’s story

Our team is ambitious! Something that is common in all of us, is the aspiration to reach the highest level of perfection. It is something that has become our daily mission. We value beauty and design, well-functioning, and comfortable urban space, and what’s more, we have a long-term experience in wood and metal production. With these values and experiences, we have the impulse and will to change our daily urban environment into a great, enjoyable, and comfortable place. Better and more comfortable in a way that allows each person to feel inspired and welcomed in the city space, regardless of what the activity is – taking a solo walk or meeting with friends.


Our collection is characterized by clean forms and clear lines in accordance with the Scandinavian sense of style. Most importantly – our urban furniture is designed to withstand the very harsh Nordic weather conditions.

Designed in Estonia! Made in Estonia!

We create our collection of public space furniture and elements together with the best product designers in Estonia. The furniture collection is created with constant search to find the perfect formula for the living environment. The entire production process, starting with the design, prototype, and assembly, takes place locally in Estonia. The domestic production chain gives us the opportunity to monitor every stage of production, which helps us maintain and improve quality.


our process:

Intensive cooperation between designers and customers on daily basis helps us see the big picture of the work process and society. It helps us understand what is missing in urban space and vice versa – what there is too much of. This, in turn, allows us to offer the best possible solutions.

We are not just simply creating another new park bench, because there is already enough of unnecessary products in the world, which also often have poor quality. That is why we have categorically excluded such products from our production. Our desire is to continue to create better solutions based on the changing trends of society and an understanding of the user’s wishes and needs. The creation of each new product in our production chain begins with the definition of the need and a problem. Interpreting the latter creates a form that is developed into a prototype and tested, which reveals whether to go ahead with the product or continue the search and development.


When designing any product, one of our basic requirements is sustainability. The initial urban furniture design process starts from the fact that the product must be as environmentally friendly as possible – in terms of production and materials. We use only environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable materials. We find it crucial that the recycling of used materials does not harm the environment. Another and equally as important point is production technology, in which we are aiming for waste-free production. Responsible production of any product in street furniture, well-thought-out design and the use of the most durable materials creates quality products.

High quality design lasts and makes the product more environmentally friendly.

A high-quality and durable urban furniture is long-lasting, which eliminates the need to replace the product after a few years. This means that there is no need to repeat the cycle of creating a new replacement product in the production process. Less frequent production saves material, energy, fuel for transportation and time invested in the process.