The story of Extery

Our products are born in the tough climate of Nordic countries where people value the inviting warmth also in the URBAN scenery. We enliven the public space on the most personal level. Sometimes we all need a chance to meet our friends, observe the world rushing by and find moments just for ourselves. A flirt in the park. A picnic on the beach. Waiting at the quay. EXTERY knows those feelings.EXTERY is striving for the formula of perfect living environment. We create the design elements for public spaces with a belief  that green technologies, culture-sensitive design and city furniture customised for its location is a foundation for a better and more comfortable urban environment.The collections of EXTERY hold the story of continuous development, movement and progress without losing its bond with permanent values.EXTERY creates urban furniture for public areas. Comfy park benches, easy-to-empty trash bins, perfectly shaped bollards and  barriers and functional bicycle racks are just some of the items in our city furniture range.

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Extery creates street and urban furniture for public use.