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Tiide seat, round

Tiide is the little ‘rascal’ in the Extery urban furniture collection, created to bring fresh and new opportunities to the arsenal of a city planner or a landscape architect. With Tiide eveything is different: round shapes and soft bends as well as lustful proportions. A little flirt with Bauhaus and the design techniques of contemporary furniture design that rarely make it to the more conservative urban furniture domain will surely catch your eye.
The elaborately finished diagonal planking will stick out in details. The steel edges confine the wooden surfaces with precision and conviction. Tiide is playful and friendly on the outside, but robust on the inside. The materials that have been used are sturdy, the proportions are vigorous and all the finishing very durable – impeccable quality, as is customary for Extery. There are six elements in the product family that, independently or in groups, will provide a fresh and unique accent to the public space.
Design by Pent Talvet, Iseasi Design Bureau.

Tiide Seat, round dimensions
ProductProduct codeDiameterHeight
Tiide seat, roundTID50504470
Materials and finishing
Thermotreated ash
 RAL 7039 RAL 9010 RAL 7016