circle bench JADA

circle bench JADA

With the series of arc modules, it is possible to create circular benches of different sizes. In the modular system of Jada, there are two sizes of arc modules, which can be used to assemble circle benches with a diameter of 2500 mm and larger circular bench with a diameter of 3700 mm.

The circular bench can also be made as a double circle, because the size difference between the modules is precisely determined so that the small circular bench can fit inside the large circular bench. One circle bench consists of 8 arc modules.

Modular park bench Jada is a modular urban furniture system which allows easy creation of complete sitting areas. You can shape endless combinations to hem city squares, playgrounds, meandering walkways or to fill a plaza with suprising configurations.

Backrests can be placed next to each other or facing each other  allowing to create  lying areas and separate slots for more privacy. Tables can be set in cozy private slots or can be organized around seatings to promote togetherness and create social gathering areas.

Jada modularity allows you to form a different solution to suit an idea or space requirement.

Your space. Your ideas. A solution with impeccable quality of Extery.

  • The modular solution allows you to combine endless solutions.
  • Fast installation of backrests and tables.
  • Easily replaceable wooden parts.
  • Hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel parts have the best corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
  • There are no visible fasteners on the surfaces.
  • Extery quality without compromise- harmonious design, carefully selected materials and engineering considered to the last detail.
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Thermo-treated ash, OC-010
Tropical wood, natural
Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated steel
Designers suggestion for powder paint RAL codes:
RAL 7016
RAL 7039
  • Free-standing on a firm base.
  • Anchored to a firm foundation.
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