seat Sume

seat Sume

Seat Sume is special for its dynamics and functionality.

Soft values are thought to be overestimated. That too much flexibility leads nowhere. In the world of our urban furniture, this is not the case. Soft feel and playfulness were the goals when creating the new jolly product family, but flexibility of use and choice were important added values.

Sume different legs are definitely something that brings some color and shape to the urban space. But what really makes you dance is the soft and flexible seat of Sume. Placed together, Sume forms a socially entertaining atmosphere, a little corner on the street that attracts invitingly in the middle of everydays gray and harsh rigidity.

Sume surprises with its nature and what it has to offer. The seat is movable and allows for a more active use. Sit, lean, swing or sway – be exactly as you wish.

Sume seats can be placed in clusters with one leg style as well as create combinations of different legs. The alternating use of Sume legs allows you to create playful and inspiring areas for spending time and being together. Endless and flexible possibilities how to use and place the Sume seats.


  • The bending seat offers more active sitting.
  • Seat Sume is playful and rich in emotions.
  • Different leg styles allows you to create either different bunches with one leg style or playful sets with different legs.
  • Individual seats can be placed flexibly and playfully.
  • No visible fixing materials on the top surfaces of the wooden parts to ensure a pleasing look and feel of the products.
  • Extery quality without compromise- harmonious design, carefully selected materials and engineering considered to the last detail.
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Tropical wood, natural
Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated steel
Designers suggestion for powder paint RAL codes:
RAL 9005
RAL 6027
RAL 3022
  • Free-standing on a firm base.
  • Anchored to a firm foundation.
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