Seminar for tomorrow’s urban space

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting a group of our Finnish friends, in our recently opened showroom in Peetri. Our friends are landscape architects from diffrent landscape architecture bureaus.

The Finnish friends came to help us in a design workshop to map down more ideas in creating  better utilized, comfortable and a versatile value to the public city spaces- so that the common spaces in the city would foster more opportunities, meaning and belongingness. The discussions, mapping and sketching embossed the human behavior at its core with the aspiration to change some of the status quo of reasoning in public space creation that would actually support the needs of the inhabitants of a modern metropolitan society.

The process was guided and curated by Martin Pärn- the lead figure of our long term design partner, Iseasi.

The day was capped off by a most intriguing seminar presentation held by Kristiina Kupper about how the city of Tallinn has been pioneering the construction scene with a greenery inventory method and replacement planting system. Definitely a valuable systemic approach with an eye on the future as we all cherish the pleasant habitability or our future cities. As this is a quite unique way to approach greenery and construction in a city, it created a fruitful additional discussion on the topics even for the rest of the evening for our Finnish friends.

Above all we can be happy how this creative process came together with a lot of interesting insights into the current behavioral patterns of different stakeholders that contribute to the creation of our future cities. There is plenty of food for thought and material for synthesizing great new ideas to furnish the city plazas of tomorrow.

We were also able to showcase many of our latest products which have not had a “live” launch for the Finnish market since the Covid restrictions all over Europe over the past years. With versatility, new type of use scenarios and even intangible sense of the products for the user, the novelty products were well received by the audience.

The Sume seating and table combination permit a more flexible and fun seating arrangement and use situations- Sume surprises with its nature and what it has to offer. The seat is movable and allows for a more active use. Sit, lean, swing or sway – be exactly as you wish.


The Veer seat and lamp combo brings unseen aesthetic and cleverness to the installation of a wall-top typology and fixing. The luminaire integrated in the seating conveys a sense of warmth and familiarity that will draw the user into enjoy a corner of the park as you are accustomed to in your personal living-room setup.


We at Extery believe that focusing on the user and aspiring to foster new behavioral patterns and possibilities is the way forward to enlivening the future city life and our latest products are steps towards doing just that.

We are sure that this will not be an event last of its kind since in addition to cherishing the relationships within the industry, there were several valuable learning and recognition moments for all that took part.